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Spreading the love of 3D Printing. One student at a time.

3D printing is cutting edge technology and a powerful tool for captivating the imagination of young kids.  It enables students to understand curriculum in a whole new dimension. From scientific to artistic uses, there’s almost no limit to what you can print.

A 3D Printer in every school.

We’re excited to announce our new Ambassador Program for schools. Our goal is to introduce 3D printing to students and teachers in the hope that you see the benefit and value of choosing Deltaprintr as your primary source for 3D printing technology.

To help schools jump start education in 3D printing, we’re excited to offer our Delta Go Desktop 3D Printer for a reduced price. Fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch with you!

Some terms & conditions.

1. This Ambassador program is available only to educational institutions, and only directly through this signup process. It is not available through any of our distributors or channel partners.

2. Only faculty, staff or teachers may use this sign up form. If you are a student, please ask your teacher if they are interested in the Ambassador Program. Only purchases made directly from the school/institution will be accepted.

3. The discounted Ambassador order of your choice of printer plus shipping will be fulfilled through our store using a unique single-use coupon code that we will email to you after verification of your school’s eligibility.

4. You will be shipped a new Delta Go Desktop 3D printer. You may add multiple printers to your order and plastic filament as well. Only the printers are discounted.

5. The order must be prepaid in our store using the special single use discount code we provide. We cannot complete paperwork, accept purchase orders, checks, vouchers, or invoice on terms for this Ambassador program.

6. All Ambassador issued printers will fall under our published warranty policy to replace broken and missing parts, but you agree that you will be working through your own support issues with your smart students!

7. We reserve the right to determine whether you and your school are eligible for this program as an educational institution.

8. Deltaprintr reserves the rights to change these terms and conditions and to end or modify this program at any time, but will honor any prepaid orders completed under the existing terms specified.

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