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Learn how to setup and use the software to prepare prints for your printer.

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We recommend you use Cura (Mac Version) (Windows Version) for your Deltaprintr with a MicroSD card, not USB cable. If you would like to use USB cable, you can use Repetier Host.

All Windows users: You must download this required USB driver, right click on it and “Run as Administrator” to install the INF file. It should create a new COM port that you can then use in Repetier to connect to the printer. This is if you’re going to use a USB cable.

Windows 8 users: If you are having trouble installing the driver, please try these steps.

Tip: Take a moment to disable the “sleep” settings on your computer. This will help you to avoid frustration later on. If your computer goes to sleep while printing via USB connection, the print will halt and fail.

Step 1


First download the CURA software software and install it. When you open it, you’ll see a popup asking if you would like to update to the latest release. Click NO.

Currently the latest version of Cura does not support delta styled printers, therefore it is recommended you do not update. We will let our users know once support for a delta printer has been added to the latest version available.

Step 2

The first thing you should do is make sure you have your machine settings set up properly as shown in the pictures to the left based on the printer model you have. Your machine settings can be found under Machine > Machine Settings tab.

RG = Kickstarter edition regular sized printer
WB = Website ordered printers

Click on the images to the left to zoom in.

Step 3


Next you’ll want to edit your gcode start settings to make sure that your printer performs auto-level before it starts printing so your prints stick to the bed. Go to the Start/End – GCode tab as shown in the image to the left.

Click on the image to the left to zoom in.

Step 4

Open profile

Finally, download the Cura profile settings below based on the printer model you have. These settings are the default recommended slicing settings for printing your model. You may wish to edit them based on the type of model you’re printing if necessary.

Kickstarter Regular Sized Cura profile download
Website ordered printer Cura profile download

Step 5

Next you’ll want to test your printer before you start printing. Be prepared to shut off your printer in case something goes wrong. To do this, place your finger on the blue button on the electronics board. This is the reset button. When pressed, it will restart the printer right away.

To make sure your printer is set up correctly, we will perform an auto-leveling sequence. Open up Repetier Host (see installation instructions on the second tab at the top of this page), click connect on the top left, make sure your speed meter is at the lowest and send a G29 command to the printer. This will start the auto-level sequence. The printer will go up, hit the endstops, tap it twice, and then begin to move down to the build platform to tap the bed in a grid sequence.

If the carriages travel down instead of up, check if your motor connections are oriented the correct way. Flipping the connections will reverse direction. Otherwise, check to see if you winded the fishing line correctly. If you winded it the opposite way, the carriages will travel the wrong way.

If your hotend slowly moves up instead of down to tap the bed during the auto-leveling sequence, it means there’s too much pressure on the acrylic bed. Check if your hotend cable is dragging on the bed. The slightest pressure on the bed will make the printer think that the hotend is already touching the build platform and thus tell it to move up.

Note: It is recommended that you use your printer with a MicroSD card, not a USB cable. This is because the processor on the electronics board can overload and cause stutter in your prints. We recommend purchasing a good quality MicroSD card and an accompanying reader (to write to the card) from Amazon. Make sure it is sold from a well known brand as a “cheap knockoff” is most likely to not work.

Congrats! You're now set up and ready to start printing!

Instructions coming soon!