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Air Solenoid (5v)


These small two-way air solenoid used on the Rapid Star design are great for quickly switching between vacuum and blow for your pneumatic setup. Suitable for 2mm ID flexible tubes. See diagram below for how it works.

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Air Solenoid (5v)



Rated voltage: DC 5V
Current: 220mA
Suitable voltage: DC5V-6V
Power: <2W
Pressure range: 0-350mmhg
For use with air
Wire length: 15cm
Connector: PHR-2 JST
Weight: 16g
Solenoid operating instructions:
When no power is applied, output is vac.

When powered, output is blow.

Required tools/material

2mm ID tube

What’s included

1x Air solenoid

Additional information

Weight.125 lbs
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 in