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Rapid Feeder Sprocket


Pre-order Only. Ships early 2021.

Precision injection molded sprocket specifically designed to be used with the VCNT2020 reflective sensor, but can be used with any optical slot sensor as well. The sprocket features 58 encoder holes and the sensor’s reflective surface is polished to a high precision to ensure smooth encoder signal readings and no skipped steps. Comes with a 74T 0.5 module mating gear. Conforms to EIA-481-E tape bend radius standard.

Use one sensor for 4mm pitch or two sensors for 2mm pitch. See drawings for recommended sensor layout.

Pins (2mm diameter) for mounting not included.

Available on backorder

Title Range Discount
Sprocket Bulk Discount 50 - 100 10%
Sprocket Bulk Discount 101 - 500 15%
Sprocket Bulk Discount 501 + 20%

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Note: Ensure that the sprocket sits flush against the PCB without any gaps for proper performance.

Required tools/material

2x 2mm diameter pins

What’s included

1x Sprocket 90T 0.5 Module
1x Gear 74T 0.5 Module

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 in