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Rapid Star Board


Assembled in USA.

Designed specifically for SMT pick and place machines run by OpenPNP, the Rapid Star Board is an all-in-one solution to run a multi-nozzle pick and place machine on Smoothieware.

Available in two versions:
A) Full TMC2208 drivers for all 6 axis
B) Encoder setup where TMC2208 is populated for all drivers, while X and Y have DIR/STEP/EN & Motor VIN output for encoder connection.

Measures at just 100 x 75mm, it’s the smallest PNP board out there. Includes a bonus conveyor hookup!


Rapid Star Board

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See the pinout and dimensions here.


  1. Runs on Smoothieware
    Available in two versions:
    A) Regular version – All axis drivers are populated with TMC2208
    B) Encoder version – Only nozzle rotation and Z axis for nozzles are TMC2208. X and Y axis drivers are un-populated and instead have DIR/STEP/EN pinout to connect an external encoder driver (sold separately).
  2. Can drive up to 6 stepper motors.
  3. Separate power rails – Max 36V for motors and 24V for board with fuses (included).
  4. 4 port USB Hub – reduce cable clutter by connecting only one USB cable to your machine. Both cameras, feeder and smoothie board itself connect via the hub.
  5. Four vacuum sensor connections.
  6. Seven mosfets.
    1. 3x 450mA hardwired for power input voltage (lights, solenoids, etc.)
    2. 3x 450mA 5v (solenoids, actuators, servos, etc.)
    3. 1x 3A hardwired for power input voltage – vacuum pump with flyback diode included.
  7. Micro SD Card slot – Configuration is easier using a text based config file loaded on the SD card, no need to upload firmware every time you make a change. Just edit the config file from your PC then reboot the board with the new config and you’re done. (Micro SD card not included)
  8. Conveyor setup:
    A) IN, OUT, STOP signal connections for another PNP or reflow oven.
    B) DRV8833 on board for conveyer motor control, capable of driving dual motors on both sides of conveyer.
    C) Board-In & Board-Out connections to know when your board has moved into the PNP and left it.
  9. Two camera connections via USB A.
  10. Eight end stops! 6x mechanical and 2x optical
  11. Strong mosfet for vacuum pump with flyback diode already soldered for extra protection.
  12. Emergency Halt/Reset connection.
  13. Nine expansion pins, in addition to GND, 5V, Motor VIN & Board VIN.

Required tools/material

Power Supply
Encoders if choosing encoder version (coming soon)

What’s included

1x Rapid Star Board
2x 10A Fuses

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions3.9 × 2.9 × .5 in

Regular Version, Encoder Version