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Ceramic Heater


Our custom tiny ceramic heaters are what we use on our Mini Hotend and Delta Go 3D printers. They heat up quicker than traditional cartridge heaters that you push into aluminum hotend blocks and are much better in design because they heat up the plastic 360°, creating a uniform melting zone without any cold spots. Currently available only in 12V.

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Ceramic Heater

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Inside diameter: 5mm
Outside diameter: 8mm
Height: 10mm
Wire length: 40mm

Required tools/material

Mating connector: Molex #0436450200
Note that there is no internal threading on these ceramic heaters. We recommend using high temperature graphite adhesive specific to ceramic and your internal tube material that you will bond it to so that there is a good seal for efficient heat transfer.

We also recommend our silicone socks to keep your heater clean.

What’s included

1x 12V Ceramic Heater with connector.

Additional information

Weight.125 lbs
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 in