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Delta Go Upgrade Pack



This upgrade is only for those who own a Delta Go 3D Printer purchased prior to 2017. The Delta Go currently available on our site already has this upgrade installed.

Assembly: Some assembly required. Instructions:


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Delta Go Upgrade Pack

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Required tools/material

T10 screw driver
T9 screw driver
Super Lube Synthetic Grease, Translucent White
Threadlocker Blue (medium – high strength recommended)

What’s included

Plastic parts
1x Top effector
1x Bottom effector
1x Hotend cover
3x Front carriage
3x Back carriage
2x Horse shoe

3x T9 thread-forming screw
6x T10 thread-rolling screw
2x M3 14mm T10 screw
2x M3 10mm hex screw
2x M3 5mm T10 screw (not included, remove and save the ones currently on your effector that are holding the hotend)

Other parts
12x Stainless steel balls
6x Aluminum arms

1x 45mm 4mm OD PTFE Tube
1x 4mm push-fit
4x Black zip ties

1x Assembled hotend
1x Nylon zip tie for hotend
1x Fan

1x Extruder spring

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions5 × 5 × 1 in