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Delta Mini LCD


The Delta Mini LCD is natively compatible with Smoothieware and Marlin firmwares via SPI but can be used for any project such as Arduino. Uses U8Glib Library for Arduino (Marlin and Repetier)

Works with any standard 3D printer controller such as Rambo and RAMPS. Has a 2.4″ Graphic LCD, a micro SD card slot, reset button, buzzer and rotary encoder with push switch.

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Delta Mini LCD



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  • 2.4″ LCD
  • MicroSD Card (print un-tethered to your computer)
  • Rotary encoder for menu selection
  • Reset button
  • SPI communication
  • Configurable contrast settings in software

Required tools/materials

Cable harness

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions4.1 × 1 × 1.7 in