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Rapid Feeder Extension Motherboard


A RS485 Rapid Feeder ™ – The World’s Thinnest Feeders ® motherboard extension. This is exactly the same motherboard as our Mini Motherboard we offer on our website, except this has hard Enig finish surface so you can plug the Rapid Feeders directly to it. The hard Enig finish ensures the exposed traces will last a long time. Connects via USB mini-B. Can accommodate up to 26 x 8mm Rapid Feeders.

10mm OD rods for mounting feeders not included.

In stock

Rapid Feeder Extension Motherboard



This is the motherboard used with our Rapid Feeders to fit in your custom PNP setup.

Setup instructions found at our Knowledge Base.

Required tools/material

2x 10mm diameter rods for mounting feeders. Length depends on your setup.
1x USB Mini-B cable to connect to your USB Hub or computer.

What’s included

1x Fully assembled and tested Rapid Feeder motherboard pre-flashed with firmware.

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions12 × 1 × 1 in