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Rapid Feeder


Pre-order only. Ships early 2021.
Pre-order only: Lifetime warranty included for FREE. Details below.

Rapid Feeder ™ – The World’s Thinnest Feeders ® are only 2mm wider than the tape they feed, allowing you to stack many feeders close together for a faster PNP setup! The feeders are also specifically designed so you don’t need to mechanically index them. No need for a dedicated feeder bank for specific feeder widths, wasting precious machine space. You can mount the Rapid Feeder anywhere along the feeder bank without any gaps between feeders, allowing your SMT tapes to always be 2mm apart!

Designed to work with OpenPNP, you can automatically populate them into the software by scanning the UUID QR code on each feeder with one pass across an axis with your PNP’s head camera. No need to enter each feeder manually. Just scan and fill in the part details!

10mm OD rods for mounting not included.



Product details

Maximum Rapid Feeders per motherboard: Unlimited
CPH (Components Per Hour): TBD
Minimum pitch: 2mm
Recommended spacing for 10mm rod brackets to ensure rods don’t flex: 300mm
Conforms to EIA-481-E SMT tape industry standards.
Carbon brush geared motors ensure quiet feeders and long life operation.

Setup instructions and files found at our Knowledge Base

Warranty details: Should your Rapid Feeder stop functioning for any reason, we’ll ship you replacement parts or replace it for free of charge, no questions asked. Simply ship back your feeder to us (if necessary) and we’ll ship you a new one immediately once we receive it. Buyer responsible for return shipping. Restrictions apply*

Required tools/material

2x 10mm diameter rods for mounting feeders. Length depends if you are extending the motherboard to make a longer attachment. If you are only using the stock motherboard to mount the feeders to, then we recommend 300mm + any additional length required to mount the rods.
1x Rapid Feeder motherboard – sold separately.

What’s included

Fully assembled and tested feeder pre-flashed with firmware.

* Lifetime warranty only covers feeders that do not have any visible tampering or disassembly. Warranty is voided if a feeder has been opened or visibly tampered with. Any intentional damage is not covered. As with any SMT feeder, proper care should be taken to ensure feeders are working reliably, such as regularly inspecting and cleaning feeders of any loose parts that may have fallen from the SMT tape during operation using compressed air. Feeders should also be handled with ESD safety in mind.

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 6.96 × 3.14 × 1 in
Tape Size

8mm Feeder, 12mm Feeder, 16mm Feeder, 24mm Feeder, Value Pack