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Rapid Feeder Motherboard


Pre-order only. Ships early 2021.

A RS485 Rapid Feeder ™ – The World’s Thinnest Feeders ® motherboard.

10mm OD rods for mounting feeders not included.

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Product details

Maximum 8mm tape feeders per motherboard: 26 feeders
Maximum feeders per motherboard with extensions: Unlimited feeders
Recommended 10mm rod length: 300mm minimum.

Setup instructions found on OpenPNP’s Github page

Required tools/material

2x 10mm diameter rods for mounting feeders. Length depends if you are extending the motherboard to make a longer attachment. If you are only using the stock motherboard to mount the feeders to, then we recommend 300mm + any additional length required to mount the rods.
1x USB Mini-B to connect to your USB Hub or computer.

What’s included

1x Fully assembled and tested Rapid Feeder motherboard.

Additional information

Weight.1 lbs
Dimensions6.96 × 3.14 × 1 in
Tape Size

8mm Feeder, 12mm Feeder, 16mm Feeder, 24mm Feeder